List With Purpose - Goal Planner and Tracker


A simple set of worksheets to organize your thoughts, set fluid goals, and feel a sense of normalcy at a time when our lives are turned upside.

We all keep hearing how these are "unprecedented times" and that couldn't be more true. Whether you are able to maintain your business, work in a smaller capacity, or have closed your doors all together - times like these call for us to act in "unprecedented" ways. 

My Gift to You

A free PDF to print at home that includes:

Worksheets to Plan Out Your Yearly and Monthly Goals and Intentions

Quickly Track Your Progress in an Easy-to-Use Checklist Format 

A Whole-Life Approach to Goal Setting & Intentional Living

Organize your thoughts at a time that feels disorganized. 

Gain a clear focal point for where we want to be so you can keep moving (at a pace that feels good for you!) in the right direction.

Track your wins so you can keep your chin up on days that are just plain hard.

Live intentionally to make the most of the extra time at home.

Take small steps to set yourself up for success when life gets back on track.

What Does A "Whole-Life" Approach Mean? 


As business owners, I believe that our work life and home life are very intimately intertwined. 


List With Purpose allows you to set goals and intentions in three core areas of your life so that all three can exist together, creating a more viable flow to our daily living.

These core areas include: business, self care/development, and relationships.